Sunday, April 23, 2006

April update

Well first of all, let me apologize for the lapse in updates tha past month. It's been a pretty crazy month 'round here!

I'd like to start by thanking Monica Moshenko for having me on here radio program Disability News & Reviews this evening. I've done quite a few interviews for websites and such but this was my first live one, hope I did alright!! If anyone missed it but would like to listen in, be sure to stop by Monica's website at:

and click on the "Past Shows" menu and you'll be able to hear the interview.

New news on BOTS is that we are continuing to sell new copies. Since MegaCon, BOTS has made appearances at the NYC Con, The Portland Comic Book Show, Emerald City Con and The Atlanta Comic Book Convention. Upcoming appearances will be at Heroes Con in June in Charlotte, NC, Zine-a-palooza '06 in Duluth, GA this July and I'm going to try to make to Baltimore for Comicon in September.

Of course, you can always order one directly from us by going to our website at:

all of the information about ordering a copy via paypal or by mail is right there on the opening page.

Friday, March 10, 2006

A BOTS experience

Trinidad Gutierrez is one of the contributing artists to BOTS (page 7) as well as a US soldier. When Trin sent me his picture for the book he was serving our country in Iraq. Thankfully he is now home safe and sound with his family. Trin posted this account on the Repercussion Comics forum and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Just thought I'd write about what happened to me the other day. For those of you who don't know me, I work for the US Army. I draw comics on my free time (what little bit there is). When I first saw that Nic was puting together this anthology, I asked if I could do a pic. Well, my pic is on page 7 (Art Soldier). I purchased my comp copy and four more copies that I was planning on givng away to families that have autistic children. My wife works with preschool aged children with different disabilities including autism. So, I gave her some signed copies to hand out to those families. Well, last night my family was at my sons' school (where my wife also works) attending a family reading night when a lady dressed in her military uniform comes up and starts talking to my wife. She asks if I was her husband and my wife said yes. With tears welling up in her eyes she leans down and gives ma a big hug and thanks me. It was then i noticed that she had a gold oak leaf on her collar. After my wife told me that she was one of the families that received a book, I consoled her about the book. She kept thanking me and the others for puting this book together. The significance of this being that I am an enlisted soldier (worker bee) and she is a Major (Officer). Yet at that moment it didn't matter. At that moment she was a mother with an autistic child and I was an artist who contributed time to bring awareness to a disease that has afflicted too many. I'm so proud to have been a part of this project. Thank you Nic.


Thank you Trin. Not only for participating in BOTS but for the job you do and the sacrafices you've made for this country. That is something that can never be repaid.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just added

I will be appearing next weekend March 18th and 19th at Momocon on the campus of Georgia Tech University. I'll have copies of BOTS plus some new prints from Portal Productions Studios.

see you there!

BOTS reviewed at Paperback Reader

BOTS was recently reviewed by Dan Head in his Comics You Should Be Reading column at Paperback Reader.

Thanks Dan!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Internet sales

I wanted to let everyone know that BOTS continues to generate some nice internet sales. In the week following MegaCon, more than 20 books have been sold via the internet and we're getting hundreds of hits to the website.


Friday, March 03, 2006

BOTS artists making big moves!

I wanted to post some news about a few of the contributing artists from BOTS who are now making some moves on some upcoming projects.

Kevin Conrad (page 80) will be taking over the inks for Teen Titans with penciller Tony Daniel.
Vincent Ciguentes (page 16) is now pencilling 10th Muse for Alias.
Pedro Delgado (page 16) will be pencilling Abiding Perdition for Markosia.
Tim Seeley (page 61) and EJ Su (page 48) are working on GI Joe vs Transformers from Devil's Due.

Congrats to everyone on their new projects!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

MegaCon pics

Unfortunately, our camera was ruined by a wave of water from the Shamu show at Sea World on Friday, so I was not able to get any pics from MegaCon. However, Chris Meade from The Comics Review has a nice collection of pics (including 1 of me!) on his website. Follow the link to his homepage and click the MegaCon Photo Gallery banner to see them.

thanks Chris!

A touching message

I got a letter yesterday from a young man in North Carolina. He had read one of the interviews I had done about the project and wanted to order a copy of BOTS. I was very moved when I read his letter so I wanted to share it here. I'll leave out his name to protect his anonimity. His letter reads...

"To the makers of BOTS,

I am a 23 year old man with Asperger's Syndrome. I say this because I would like Mr. Carcieri to know how much I appreciate his message of "letting people live their lives and raise their families as they choose". When I was diagnosed in 1994-and even afterwards-I never thought too much about what adults (teachers and the like) thought about my "differences". But, as my mother has told me in recent times, she had it suggested to her more than once by many of these people that she should try to stamp out many of my behaviors with punishment, or try to force me into social situations I wanted no part of. But she never did. She never tried to stop me from pacing, thinking out loud, etc... She let my life at home be just that, and is one of the major factors (maybe even THE MAIN) that led to me accepting who I am as an adult. So with the money enclosed, I would like to purchase a copy of BOTS and thank you for spreading the message."

When I began this project, I hoped to raise some awareness about Autism and some funds for the Autism Society of America. It's letters like that one that have made this project one of my proudest accomplishments.

thank you

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MegaCon report

Well MegaCon has come and gone, so I figured I'd post a report on everything that went on this weekend.

First the official business, we fell a little short of the goal for BOTS sales at the Con, I had hoped to sell 50 books over the weekend and only sold 40. But that is still nearly $400 for the Autism Society of America, so anyway you slice it, it is still a great thing! The response to the bopok was very positive, most of the purchasors (is that a word???) were in the 30 and older category. I think they appreciated the artwork more and were more interested in supporting the cause. Dan Head was able to sell 17 copies at the NYC Con (thanks Dan!) so with the internet sales to date, that is just over 150 copies so far! I am continuing to receive internet orders and have some approaching signing appearances at some local stores as well as The Portland Con and Emerald City that Randy will be attending and Heroes Con this summer, probably a few other things that will pop up.

Now the rest....

My Con weekend started on Wednesday, my wife Bonnie and I decided to leave Wednesday after Ben got out of school to split the 8 hour drive up into 2 4 hour stints. We stayed at an awful hotel in south Georgia!!! Oh well, it was a bed for the night!

We got into Orlando Thursday afternoon, Bonnie and Ben enjoyed a little swim and I was off to the airport to pick up Randy. A little detour to find an ATM led me to going the wrong way and having to make a big circle before finally arriving at the airport to meet Randy only seconds before his bag made it to the baggage claim! But I was not late, technically I arrived before he got his bag! Bonnie's parents John & Ev arrived late Thursday to hang out with Bonnie and Ben while Randy and I were at the Con, so Ben was in full on Grandparent mode!!!

Friday was the first day of the Con, Randy and I arrived and set up the table then started to walk around a bit. I met BOTS artist Rob Jones (page 37) completely by accident when I borrowed some tape from him, we also me Pat Carlucci (page 56) and Joe Pekar (page 24) that morning. Later in the day Chris Lie (page 59) and the SCADS posse arrived. Also saw many of my friends from previous cons, Nigel the Pirate, Jennie Breeden from the Devil's Panties, Marty and the guys from Gravy Boy, that's my favorite part about Cons is seeing all your Con-friends and meeting new ones!!

The crowd was pretty good on Friday, we sold quite a few copies of BOTS and Randy's prints and sketchbooks were flying off the table!!! Mark Pennington, the artist who had reserved the table next to us did not show up so we kind of spread our stuff out a bit over his spot. Our friends from the Repercussion boards Eric Dotson (page 21) and Lee Jiles, arrived in Orlando late in the afternoon, so we met up with them, Bonnie, Ben and Bonnie's parents for a nice dinner at TGI Fridays. Aftre dinner, Eric & Lee returned to their hotel and Bonnie, Randy & I attended a reception at the Coliseum of Comics store. There weren't that many people there but the beer was free!!!

Saturday was a lot more crowded than Friday and Mark Pennington was there on Saturday so we had to condense our table but we had another good day of sales, Randy was rolling in the benjamins from his prints!!! San from Onixian came stopped by and took about a million pictures!! I saw Rick from Across The Pond Studios who work with Chuck Dixon on The Iron Ghost. I spent a few moments talking to my idol Chuck Dixon after I stalked him a bit! Ha Ha Ha! He was very cool and signed a couple of books for me. I also attended a writers panel with Jimmy Palmiotti, Howard Chaykin and 2 other writers whose names escape me at the moment. It was a good discussion and I got some very useful information that I will hopefully put to use in my own writing. Saturday Eric and Lee also hung out with us, Eric even autographed a few copies of BOTS!!! But as the day drew on, they had to hit the road and head home. Saturday night we hung out in the hotle bar with Rob and Andy form Perfect Storm and another artist named Corey Evan Laub. We had a great time talking about comics, movies, baseball and all kinds of stuff. Very cool hanging out with those guys!

Sunday started slowly but after lunch business started to pick up and the day finished stronger than it began. Chris Lie drew me a fantastic pic of Nightwing. We packed up a little early on Sunday so we could get Randy to his hotel and we could hit the road for the 8 hour drive back home. We finally got home around 1:30 am.

All in all it was a very good time. It was our first visit to MegaCon and I hope not the last!